Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring Things

Our new little granddaughter Rebekah Christine was born on February 10, 2010. We didn't get to see her until April since Brent's family were living in Kentucky at the time. They are back in Missouri now. This picture was taken of Rebekah with her brothers Moses and Brigham when she was just a few days old.

Sadie, Hannah and Abby after breakfast at McDonalds.
Moses and Brigham at Sams.
Baby Bekah, about 2 months old, but refusing to smile.
Abby and Hannah with our cute little redbud tree.
Brigham holding Bekah.
The first weekend in May we went to Pella, Iowa with our friends the Burchs, Frames and Jacksons to the Tulip Festival. There were severe thunderstorms and hail the night before so most of the tulips had been beaten down. The temperature also turned very cold so we had to go shop at Walmart to get warmer clothes to wear. I don't want you think we would wear some of these clothes on purpose. Bill loved his quilted lumberjack shirt he got for $5.00 but I don't know if I will ever allow him to wear it in public again. In this picture are Jim Burch, Bill, Tom Frame and Dave Jackson.
The girls, looking equally cute. Sue Frame, Sandy, Linda Burch and Shirley Jackson.
Shirley and I trying on the little dutch hats. We had also been rained on that day which didn't help with the look.
Bill and Dave trying on the dutch boy hats.
Sandy with the wooden shoes.
Bill with the dutch bologna.
The whole group with some tulips that actually survived the storms.
Bill at home with Sadie, Abby, Hannah and Moses - doing what he does best - playing horsey.
Moses fell asleep with his computer. They sure do start young.
Moses and Brigham. Moses turned 2 on June 5th. Brigham is 3 1/2.
Linda and Don were here for Memorial Day. We had a fun day decorating the graves and going out to eat at 54th Street Grill. Linda, Mother, Sandy, Abby, Hannah and Sadie at Daddy's grave.
Linda and Don at Grandparent's Smith grave.
A cemetery worker volunteered to transport mother around the cemetery. It was a highlight for the girls as well. They want to buy a golf cart now. The rest of us had to walk.
The girls at great grandma's house in some new clothes.
Four pretty granddaughters - ready for church.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Brent's Birth Family

This has been an exciting week for Brent. He has made contact with his birth mother, a sister and brother. They all still live in Long Beach where Bill grew up and where we were living when we adopted him. I am posting a few pictures from his life so they can see what he looked like over the years. We have been blessed to have him as our son and are grateful they allowed us to be his parents.

This was the picture we used for our Christmas card in 1974. Brent was 9 weeks old.

This is Brent at 6 months.

Here is Brent at 2 1/2 with his little dog Peaches.

Brent with his sister Heather around Christmas time. He ws 5 1/2 and she was 18 months.

Another Christmas card picture for 1984. Brent was 10 and Heather was 6.

This family portrait was taken in 1988. Brent was 14 and Heather was 10.

This was one of Brent's senior pictures. He was 17. He turned 18 the August after he graduated.

Brent and Amanda with Sadie and Hannah in Salt Lake City in 2003.

Here is our whole family (minus Rebekah) when we took everyone to Disneyland in December 2008.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scenes from Summer

Since summer is almost gone I thought I had better update my blog. Besides having to deal with Mother's health problems and Bill opening a new office, we were still able to enjoy some visits with family and friends and fun with the grandkids.

Linda and Don came in June. Linda helped me decorate Bill's new office while they were here and Don helped hang pictures and move computers. The grandkids loved spending time with Uncle Don - a great kid pleaser.

Here is Linda and Don with Sadie, Hannah and Abby.

Bill arranged for Don to have a ride in our friend's little red corvette. I think it took him back to his youth.

Here are some pictures of the fruits of labors in Bill's new office.

Brent's family helped us trim the trees in the backyard. These are the fastest growing trees you ever saw. My Dad had Brent plant them when we moved in over 4 years ago and they have grown 5-7 feet every year. They are some kind of Austrian shade tree he ordered off the TV. We can't even keep up with them.

They do make great trees for climbing as Hannah and Brigham can show you. They have also helped shade the back yard so I guess all the trimming is worth it.

Moses and Brigham are great little buddies. I think Moses will outweigh Brigham some day. He is a real little chunk, a solid heavy little boy.

In August Larry and Burna came to Missouri for a visit. They were at the tail end of their vacation but we were still able to show them some of the Kansas City area and introduce them to Ray Stevens comedy so they would have something to entertain themselves on their way home.

Here is Bill with Larry and Burna outside Bill's new office building.

We took them to the Steamboat Arabia museum. The steamboat had sunk in the Missouri River. Over time the river's course moved, leaving the Arabia and her treasures buried deep beneath a Missouri corn field. In 1988 it was found, dug up and items preserved. They called it a floating WalMart for it's time. You wouldn't believe the stuff they found. Very interesting.

Sandy with Burna in one of the Museum's room.

We took them out to eat at the "Jazz" - a Louisiana, Cajun restaurant. We all had Chicken a la Mer, my favorite. We also went to Cabela's since they had never been to one. They were "thrilled" to see the aquarium and all the stuffed animals. We called it the "dead zoo".

A kind person took our picture. Here we are: Larry, Burna, Sandy and Bill.

Nathan and Kristy's family also came for a visit in August. Brent's and Nathan's kids really bonded and had a great time together.

Here are Christian and Sadie,

Michael and Hannah,

Abby and Finn,

and last but not least, Moses, Brigham and Esplan.

Here are Nathan and Kristy with Grandma the morning they left for Utah. Christian and Michael are standing by. Finn and Esplan were already strapped in their seats.

Last weekend we took a trip to Branson with three other couples from our ward. We had great fun.

Here are the guys before we left Platte City: Dave, Jim, Tom and Bill

Here are the girls: Sandy, Sue, Shirley and Linda.

We went to great shows,

ate heartily,

and relaxed.

A fun time was had by all.